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$5,000 Vip Voice Scholarship 2019-2020 | Apply Now

$5,000 Vip Voice Scholarship 2019-2020 | Apply Now

Vip Voice Scholarship is happy to announce that application is currently ongoing for the Vip Voice Scholarship 2019, The 5000 Vip Voice Scholarship is open to all, this is an opportunity worth trying out, If you are on this page you are few minutes read away from knowing how to get this scholarship worth $5,000. Apply now.

About Vip Voice scholarship Application 2019

VIP Voice is an online research community according to its website. That’s a fancy way of saying they collect information on products, places, and services via customer surveys. You don’t need to own or use a product or service to fill out the survey. Several surveys just ask questions about your interest in specific products or if you are interested in some things.

If we take it at face value, the Vip Voice Scholarship 2019 is an encouragement meant to prompt you to join VIP Voice and fill out surveys. That said, a chance at $5,000 for college is nothing to scoff at or ignore. In some community schools and university systems, $5,000 is worth two semesters of classes, possibly three. You still need to buy books and school supplies, however.

VIP Voice is part of the NPD Group. The NPD Group was founded in 1967, so they’ve been around for a long time and have good reputation backing them up.

Their primary purpose is collecting information on how the market is responding to products and services. Businesses use this data to make informed decisions that affect changes in their marketing plans or improvements to their products or services.

All You Need To Know About Vip Voice scholarship 2019

Host Nationality:

The Vip Voice Scholarship 2019 is Hosted on Vip Voice website for all to apply.

Eligible Nationalities

The Vip Voice Scholarship legit is open to everyone on their site anyone can take the survey.

Scholarship Worth

The Vip Voice Scholarship is legit an its worth $5,000 annually.

Vip Voice scholarship Eligibility 

The Vip Voice Scholarship is open to everyone who can assess the website and do their survey to be on the scholarship.

How to Apply for the Vip Voice Scholarship

It’s easier than signing up for a social media account. The initial signup is a step process. You fill out the form on their website, then confirm your email, and you’re ready to start taking surveys. Most of the surveys only take a few minutes to complete. Some take less than five minutes to do, but admittedly those are rare surveys.

Once you complete the two surveys, you are eligible to enter your name in the running for the $5,000 scholarship. You only need two surveys to begin, but taking additional surveys improves your chances of winning. The scholarship is awarded using a sweepstakes format, so completing more surveys adds weight to your entry.

If you’ve applied for scholarships, you know the woes that come with the application. In most cases, you wait a long time and sometimes never hear anything at all. The forms are often long, and you have to write an essay.

If you get selected, some of them make you go through an interview over the phone or a video call which can hurt your chances if you are nervous or don’t have all the answers.


March 14, 2019. After which applications will not be considered.


For more Information Visit Vip Voice website.
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