Delete Cyber-Bullying Scholarships for International Students to Study Abroad
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Delete Cyber-Bullying Scholarships for International Students to Study Abroad

Delete cyber-bullying scholarship is available to students that are registered in an accredited school, college, or university to under-graduate or even graduate research workers. The app has been developed to teach as many students as you possibly can in regards to the perils of all cyber-bullying.

The assignment of Delete cyber-bullying will be always to teach parents and students about cyberbullying also to focus on its eradication. The student award assists students in paying for a degree. Winning applicants will receive a $1000 scholarship degree.

The objective is that deleting the cyber-bullying internet site has to be a clearinghouse of information that’s accessible to parents and students. Additionally, they print the bi-monthly Publish cyberbullying Bulletin for members who have greater comprehensive protection of information and data.


The delete cyber-bullying scholarship program is intended for high school students intending to get into a college or university for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Host Nationality

Delete cyber-bullying scholarship is to be taken in United States.  If you are an international student and you desire to study in the United States,

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship is available to all U.S citizens

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship benefit values up to $1000 scholarship which is likely to be awarded to pay educational expenses of the Delete cyber-bullying scholarship winners

Scholarship Number

The number of scholarship was not given

Eligibility for Cyberbullying scholarship 2019

In other to participate in the delete cyber-bullying scholarship, the candidate must be

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • must be attending or about to attend a licensed U.S. faculty or college for graduate or undergraduate research
  • be in a top school, graduate or college student or Students intending to go into students who are about to get into a college or university for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Scholarship Application Procedures

This scholarship has two ways to apply for the Delete cyber-bullying scholarship. Interested candidates may employ on-line or off-line.

  • For employing online, the applicants must fill out the online form and submit it.
  • For applying off-line, the candidates can download the application form by the link and the completed form can be mailed to the address of Delete Cyber-bullying

In other words, you have to submit a max 500-word article on a few of the following subjects:

  • Exactly why is it crucial to use to delete cyber-bullying?
  • How has cyberbullying personally influenced you?
  • Applicants may even print out the Form and email it

Submit the application

Selection is based on the written essay and focused on creativity, content and a commitment to the cause of deleting cyber-bullying. The awards are one-time only and not renewable.

Application Deadline of Delete Cyber-bullying Scholarship

The delete cyber-bullying scholarship program application has to be completed by June 30 in that academic year

Applicants can also print out the application form and mail it to:

Delete Cyber-bullying

2261 Market Street #291

San Francisco, CA 94114

You can obtain more information about delete cyber-bullying scholarship program by clicking on this following link.

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