Global Secondment Program 2019 Paid Internship
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Global Secondment Program 2019 Paid Internship

Global Secondment Program Paid Internship

The Global Secondment Program (GSP) is an opportunity for officials of a member country, regional agency, development bank, international organization, academia, or private enterprise to be appointed on a Special Assignment to the World Bank Group (WBG).

The program is for a specific period (not to exceed four years) for skills enhancement, knowledge sharing, strategic alliances, cultural exchange, and diversification to contribute to the Bank’s work. The GSP is often used as a pre-recruitment step, especially for nationalities of concern.


For participants on Special Assignment Appointments, the releasing organization continues to directly pay the participant’s salary and benefits.

Participants holding Special Assignment Appointments do not receive stipends or grants directly from the World Bank Group.

Participants are eligible to attend WBG training.

The WBG will cover operational travel and overhead expenses.

These appointments should not be funded by trust funds.

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